NAOS Small Cap Opportunities
Company Limited (NSC)


NAOS Small Cap Opportunities Company Limited (ASX:NSC) is a listed investment company that seeks to provide investors with exposure to high quality, undervalued small cap companies (market capitalisation generally >$20 million to <$1 billion) with an industrial bias in a concentrated structure.

NSC seeks to provide shareholders with a sustainable stream of dividends franked to the maximum extent possible over the longer term.


Net Tangible Assets as at 30/9/2018

Pre Tax NTA$0.91
Post Tax & Pre Unrealised Gains Tax$0.93
After Tax NTA$0.90


Demonstrating a clear alignment of interests with our shareholders, we have tied our remuneration to the performance success of the vehicles we manage.

NAOS has been successfully managing similar listed investment company vehicles since 2013, and has produced significant outperformance, relative to benchmark, on a ‘since inception’ basis.

Investment Portfolio Performance to 30/9/2018*

1 Month3 Month6 MonthInception (nom.)
NSC Investment Portfolio Performance*-1.34%+2.06%-1.29%-1.44%
S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index (XSOAI)-0.35%+1.10%+8.86%+9.22%
Outperformance Relative to Benchmark-0.99%+0.96%-10.15%-10.66%

*Investment Portfolio Performance is post all operating expenses, before fees and taxes. Performance has not been grossed up for franking credits received by shareholders. Since inception (p.a. and nom). Returns compounded for periods greater than 12 months.


NSC seeks to provide shareholders with a sustainable stream of dividends franked to the maximum extent possible over the longer term.

NSC operates a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP). To participate in the DRP, please click here or download the DRP form here.

Rules for participation in the DRP can be downloaded here: DRP Rules NSC.

To manage your shareholding online please visit Investor Serve or contact BoardRoom on 1300 737 760.

Cents per ShareDate Payable% FrankedTypeDRP Price


Our Monthly Investment Report provides you with information pertaining to the NTA of NSC, performance and attribution metrics of the underlying investment portfolio, a snapshot with regard to portfolio positioning, and commentary regarding market conditions and key themes over the month.

We actively encourage feedback from our investors. As such, should you require information in addition to that provided in our reports, please let us know via email (



NAOS Small Cap Opportunities Company Limited is traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: NSC) and can be bought and sold either via your broker or your financial adviser.

Shares in NSC may also be bought and sold via the following platform providers: BT Wrap/Super Wrap, Macquarie Wrap, Netwealth, HUB-24, MLC Navigator

Annual Report

The Company’s latest Annual Report can be downloaded here: Annual Report