Our Firm

NAOS Asset Management Ltd (NAOS) was established in January 2005.

We are a boutique, award-winning investment firm which specialises in investing in exchange traded companies via an opportunistic and concentrated approach.

Our approach ensures that we only invest in best of breed, value-driven investment ideas through a disciplined, detailed fundamental research process. Our long/short mandate provides us the flexibility to not only benefit by holding companies that we believe are undervalued and therefore will appreciate over time, but also to generate positive returns by short selling those companies that we believe are fundamentally challenged and overpriced by the market.

Our focus on capital preservation and absolute return ensures we place primary importance on ongoing risk management and investing for the objective of long-term positive absolute return, not simply to lose/gain more than a relative market benchmark.

All investment vehicles managed by NAOS have outperformed their respective benchmarks since inception, reflecting our focus on providing investors with outperformance over the long term, and the protection of their capital.

NAOS is a privately owned company and a substantial portion of the management team’s personal wealth is invested alongside investors. We gauge and reward our staff on the basis of the performance we deliver, not on the basis of total assets under management.

Definition of NAOS | Pronunciation Nay-os

 The inner chamber or sanctuary of an ancient temple.